A tiny tweak to your soggy sandwich

Sandwich making is pretty straight-forward as to putting any ingredients you want in your sandwich. However, let me tell you two neat solutions to problems you may have encountered in eating a sandwich.


Problem number 1 – “Why is my sandwich soggy?”

Solution number 1 – add fat. The reason why your sandwich is usually soggy is, because you always forget to put a barrier between the bread and your filling (ie. tomato, slice of ham, etc) to prevent the bread from becoming too moist. This barrier is called, non other than, mayonnaise!

Mayonnaise or other fats such as butter or margarine (or even cheese!) is usually spread first on the bread before any other moist ingredients like pickles, tomatoes, or a slice piece of ham. These fats will NOT make your bread moist and soggy, however act as a layer of protection to the bread instead – leaving your bread the way you like it! Now, you know why your mom always puts mayonnaise on every sandwich you eat!


Problem number 2 – messy to eat! Every bite, something falls!

Solution number 2 – add greens! As you may have probably seen from advertisements already, adding greens such as lettuce, fricassee, arugula, or alike prevents your fillings from falling off. These greens create enough friction between the bread and the filling to maintain its structure for every bite you make. Try it yourself!


Question: What do you call when you combine both the filling (for example, tuna) and the fat (for example, mayonnaise)?

Answer: A spread! A spread is the combination of fat and the filling. In this scenario, there is no need to apply a layer of fat on the surface of the bread as this will be a redundant process. Although the spread may seem ‘moist’ or ‘wet’, the liquid component of the spread is still composed of fat – the mayonnaise – and, hence, will not compromise your bread’s state.

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Written: 2016