The reason why we put cream in our coffee

Tannin is the chemical compound that can be found in tea, coffee, and wines.

This compound gives you that dryness feeling in your tongue after a drink of coffee. To provide contrast to this uncomfortable sensation, we mix our coffee with some sort of fat Рin most cases, cream or milk. The cream (or milk) coats your tongue to provide you a layer of silky, creamy fat that counters the dryness from the tannin.

Anywhere else you think we counter tannin with fat?

Yes, steaks and wine!

Aside from the obvious change of flavor profile when you pair wine with steaks, steak fats provide the same concept as creamers do with coffee. The fat in the steak keeps your tongue feeling moist and silky! You can also flip the perspective and point out that the tannin in wines helps balance the richness of the steak fats.

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Written: 2016