A 30-second success to sorbet making

How to make sorbet?

Much like an ice cream, sorbet is a frozen treat. The different between the two revolves around two key factors: flavor theme and milk content. In the shortest way to explain, sorbets are typically fruit based (raspberry, orange, mango, etc) unlike its ice cream counterpart that could be flavored with any ingredients such as, chocolate, banana, peanut butter, and even CHEESE! **Cheese ice cream blog coming soon!** Further, sorbets strictly consist of only two components, fruit and sugar. Ice cream comprises of milk, sugar, and egg, on the other hand.


To make a sorbet, do the following two quick steps:

  1. Buy packaged frozen fruits. OR, freeze your own fruit.
    • Most preferable fruits to be sorbet-ed are: blackberry, mango, orange, and strawberry. Sorbets are best with citrus flavor. Not only does it follow the concept of sorbets being a palate cleanser, but at the same time serves a refreshing dessert.*
  2. Using a food processor, blitz the frozen fruits and add condensed/sweetened milk until you achieve a creamy state or the perfect sweetness.
  3. Scoop and eat! Chill after.

This literally only takes 30 seconds. Who knew you could create a frozen treat in under 30 seconds?! Much faster and cheaper than going to Yogurty’s.


Note: Although we have established that sorbets do not contain milk and we added condensed milk with the above recipe, this in fact leans towards being a sherbet. A sherbet is essentially the halfway mark between sorbet and ice cream. Sherbet has lesser milk content than an ice cream.

* Palate cleansers are dishes (eg. vinegar-based salads) or food items (eg. lemons) that cleanse your palate off of other lingering taste on your tongue to prepare you for the next dish. You’ll hear this often in restaurants. Sour based components like vinegar and citrus are great palate cleansers.

Written: 2016