Hazelnut Rum Flavored Pork Chop.


  • Herb olive oil and/or butter
  • Pork chop slice
  • 3 – 4 cloves of garlic
  • 4 – 5 pieces of button mushroom, white or brown
  • ½ of a small onion – separate the layers
  • Hazelnut rum (moonshine)
  • Oatmeal



  1. Fond is the substance that sticks on your pan when you sear meats. This fond has a lot of flavor in it, so do not throw away or clean your pan after developing this fond.
  2. Browning butter means heating the butter until butter is brown. We brown butter to impart a more complex flavor profile, as brown butter creates a nutty flavor – as opposed to normal melted butter taste.

Use these Tips and Tricks to impress your guest!

  1. To have an aesthetically beautiful dish. Try to brown the exposed, half-part part of the onion. This will make a beautiful presentation.
  2. To take the flavor direction of the dish to a different taste, adding a different alcohol will do trick (wine, rum, vodka, whiskey, etc).
  3. Herb olive oil essentially means a herb flavored olive oil. You can achieve this by heating olive oil on very low heat with crushed garlic and your choice of herbs. This takes the flavor complexity of your olive oil – ultimately, your dish – to a new level.
  4. Always rest your meat after cooking them. Cooking meat releases meat juice. By allowing to rest, you’re allowing the meat to absorb its juices back in.


Cooking Method.

  1. On a searing pan, add olive oil and butter in medium-high heat. Be careful not to over brown the butter. Sear seasoned pork chop on both sides until golden brown, then put in 400 degrees Fahrenheit oven. Leave the pork chop juice and the fond on the pan.
  2. On the same pan on medium heat, add more butter and olive oil. The amount of added fat is up to your discretion on how fatty, flavorful, and smooth you want your dish to be. Once butter is melted, add garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Continue cooking until the mushroom and onions start to form nice brown, sear patches on them.
  3. Add hazelnut rum to deglaze the fond on the pan. Add water if necessary. Cook until tender, moist, and nicely coated. Season.
  4. Boil oatmeal as usual, but cook longer until oatmeal is almost dry. Let cool. Once cooled down, form the oat meal into a ball. Heat up a non stick pan with olive oil or butter, then sear the oatmeal as per your preference.
  5. Check pork chop if cooked. Let it rest, plate, and then serve. Add the remaining juices from the pan.


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