Bartending trick to your outdoor barbecue

A bartender’s drink is heightened not only by its taste, but as well the visual improvement that using clear ice brings to your drink. Just look at the level of sophistication in both visual presentation and, in effect, drinking experience with using clear ice:




So, what is clear ice? Clear ice is nothing more special than an ice that is transparent clear.  However, it is the ice’s clarity that creates an usual aesthetic attraction to drinkers. If you take a moment and look at your current fridge ice, I can assure you that your ice falls into two categories: a cloudy ice cube OR a super cloudy ice crescent (from those built-in ice dispenser refrigerators).

The cloudy formation in the center comes from the fact that your water freezes inward. When water freezes from the outside, particles in your water such as minerals and dissolved gases get pushed to the center, leaving them to freeze last and creating the cloudiness you see in your ice. Although a remedy for this craft could involve expensive $80 clear-ice makers, you could use a cooler instead. The insulation of a cooler prevents the outer layer of the water from freezing first, except the top when uncovered. As the top freezes, particles get pushed down, leaving the cloudiness at the bottom. Chip off the cloudy bottom half using a knife or an ice pick and you’re left with clear ice. OR, pull out your cooler once the upper half has frozen, then discard the remaining unfrozen liquid on the bottom half.

The pictures below shows the different phases of freezing in a cooler. (From left to right) If you look closely, you would be able to see that the upper half is frozen clear, while the lower half is still liquid. At the end, you end up with the cloudy lower part we predicted above. ‘Quick freezing’ is another concept you have to keep in mind. When the water freezes faster than the rate the particles could slowly settle at the bottom, the particles get trap anyway regardless of your vessel. At zero degrees Celsius is the ideal temperate that you could expect the particles to properly settle down at the bottom. Either adjust your freezer to zero Celsius or adjust your cooler lid to manually control the temperature inside the cooler.

Simple tricks like this could go a long way in impressing your guests with your details and sophistication! You admit that clear ice is sexy. It’s not a question. I’m saying. Clear ice is the gem of drinking sophistication. Clear ice is different. Partner your clear ice with a sangria, a hammock, a sandy beach, a blue sky, and the smell of juicy, salty, fat-melting, barbecued Colombian chicharon… YUM.

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Written: 2016