How to make cheese in 3 seconds

I will be teaching you the quickest process to making cheese – the 3 second process.


  1. You need: A colander, a cheesecloth, plain yogurt, and salt.
  2. Season yogurt with salt. Dump yogurt on to the colander lined with cheesecloth (as shown).
  3. Let dry, let hang, or let strain for 24 – 48 hours.
  4. Done!


First image: Set up of colander                                     Second image: Set up of ‘drying of yogurt’               Third image: After 24 hours. CHEESE!!


  1. The simplest form or process of cheese making involves putting acid into milk. Acid will curdle the milk and separates the curdle from whey (a byproduct of milk), thereby producing cheese. Paneer – if you are familiar with Indian dishes – best demonstrates this ‘curdled milk’. You can experiment by pouring milk into a container and adding lemon juice. Shake vigorously and you will produce cheese.
  2. There are many types of cheese and most follow the concept of acidifying milk. Our process above leans toward the more mechanical (rather than chemical) way of producing cheese. We strain plain yogurt on a cheesecloth to separate whey and dry up the yogurt. By doing so, you end up with either a cream cheese consistency or a feta cheese/crumby consistency, dependent on how long you strain your yogurt for. I strained mine for 24 hours in room temperature and resulted in a creamy texture. Dry it up for another 24 hours, you will produce crumby cheese.
  3. If you’d like to flavor your cheese, which I highly recommend. Flavor your cheese at the end when you have achieved the right consistency you want. I added spices and herbs on mine as experiment. What I added though is classified (ha! ha!). The picture will give you hints.
  4. Other cultures are familiar with this method. Other cultures might call this labneh or Greek yogurt.
Written: 2016